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Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan
Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan

About Us

"Best Home Insulation Experts In Pakistan" pvt Ltd is the pioneer and versatile organization that caters ultimate Solutions using THERMOCOL (EPS).IEP is the reliable name in the field of heat Insulation. In a very short span of time our company has earned a well reputed name in the field of construction and industrial requirements. The most obvious benefit of insulating a building is that it keeps the building cool during summer and warm during winter.
This translates into great savings of energy costs, which goes down as you use air conditioning and heating appliances lesser and lesser. Thermocol Insulation Sheets are not only the need of a residential building, it is also a very basic need for the Poultry Control Sheds and Cold Storages.

Mission & Vision

Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding service, increased flexibility, and greater value, thus optimizing system functionality and improving operation efficiency

Thermocol EPS

THERMOCOL (EPS) OR STYROFOAM is a thermoplastic, closed cell, light-weight, rigid cellular plastic foam material derived from petroleum and natural gas byproducts. THERMOCOL (EPS) is one of the lightest of all construction materials permitting comfort of handling and quicker construction times. The exceptional characteristics of THERMOCOL (EPS) and low thermal conductivity, high compressive strength, wonderful shock absorbing properties, low cost, high insulation values make it a popular packaging material for multiple uses. Its outstanding thermal insulation properties and durability ensure performance throughout the complete time period of the building / construction application in which it is used.


  • Thermal insulation of Flat Roofs, Pipes and Water Tanks.
  • Insulation of Walls.
  • Insulation of Cold Stores.
  • Sound proofing of Offices, Homes etc.
  • Fish net floats, life vests, buoys etc.
  • Shock absorption and insulation packaging.
  • Cups for Hot & Cold Drinks.



THERMOCOL EPS Sheets / Styrofoam EPS Sheets

THERMOCOL EPS cut sheets (insulation panels) or Styrofoam sheets have multiple applications in the construction, HVAC and packaging industries. THERMOCOL EPS cut sheets can be used in cavity wall, Roof top, duct and floor insulation, void filling, floor raising and packaging application. High density sheets are recommended for insulation and floor raising applications. A low density sheet which has good resilience property can be used for packaging applications.
Density: THERMOCOL EPS sheets can be manufactured from 12-40 Kgs/M3, special densities can be manufactured on demand.
Available sizes: 1mtr x 1mtr , 1mtr x 2mtr , 4ft x 4ft , 6ft x 4ft , 8ft x 4ft , 12ft x 4ft , 16ft x 4ft , 24ft x 4ft
Available Thickness: from 0.5 inches to upto 30 inches



THERMOCOL balls are mostly used in decorations, and as accessories for assorted events and themes. Being made from polystyrene, THERMOCOL balls are used for various purposes such as making thermocol snowman or styrofoam cupcakes. Can be easy to cut in half and design into desired shapes. THERMOCOL balls are tough and can be sculpt to integrate with any design and figure for completing variety of projects. All which can be manufactured from small sizes (10cm) up to huge sizes (10 meters).



THERMOCOL molded EPS boxes which are the best solution for preserving & protecting products due to its intensive insulating quality and static composition. EPS packaging is the best choice to pack and ship the perishable goods, fragile items for moving location and protection to delicate electronic and medical equipment. Fresh, frozen foods such as fish, meat and vegetable should be kept cool and well- preserved to maintain their freshness for a longer period of time regardless of external environment.
Though all standard THERMOCOL boxes are moulded with state-of-the-art technology shape moulding machines, we have a facility that produces any size non-standard THERMOCOL boxes by fabricating them as per customer’s requirements.



THERMOCOL (EPS) giant blocks are manufactured with the high-tech machines in a fully automated plant with stringent quality control. later it will be cut in to sheets, small blocks, pipe section, and different shapes according to the customer’s requirements. Since it has good physical and mechanical properties, light weight, and easy to handle.



THERMOCOL beads are light weight, white color, fire retardant, pearl shaped, closed cell Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) beads, the diameter of the beads normally limit from 3 to 12 mm with claimed density of 10-16 Kg/m3.
THERMOCOL beads are also widely consumed by the ready-mix suppliers for light weight screed production, which has remarkable characteristics of thermal cum Acoustic properties used by the construction industries.
Normally EPS beads are mixed with concrete to increase its thermal rating and reduce its weight per cubic meter, which results in significant saving in structural cost.

As an innovative company, we are constantly looking for new and unique solutions to customer problems – we push the boundaries of our product performance to meet the needs of our customers.